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4 March 2004
Today I'm in the valley of San Gerardo de Dota at the more upscale Savegre Mountain Lodge, 7200' elevation.  By chance I meet Americans Mariah and Hack, who are admiring hummingbirds at the lodge feeders.  One of the lodge employees, Mariah says, will take us on an afternoon walk down the river to a tree with a nest hole of Resplendent Quetzal.  We arrive at the spot and I try without success to photograph the female near the nest tree.  Just as we are about to call it a day, the male flies in and perches in the open for a few seconds.  I manage one image before he's gone.   Someday I'd like to get a photo showing his deep crimson breast, but I'm satisfied with my only shot of this storied and remarkable bird.

5 March 2004
After the quetzal, most other birds look like House Sparrows, but I spend a pleasant afternoon photographing hummingbirds at Savegre's feeders, which include Gray-tailed Mountain-Gem, Magnificent Hummingbird,   Volcano Hummingbird (57862 bytes)






Green Violet-Ear, Scintillant Hummingbird, and the feisty Volcano Hummingbird.   Flame-colored Tanagers and Baltimore Orioles occasionally crash the party.
Magnificent Hummingbird (68902 bytes)






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